Healthy Living

with Karina Gian Atma

Daily Rise n’ Shine is a unique combination of healthy living & eating, lifestyle, intuitive counseling, reiki healing and mindful exercise.

My passion is to inspire others to discover the joys that a healthy lifestyle can bring.

About Me

I was born in Brazil, grew up in England, and lived in Spain before moving to Santa Monica, California.

Wherever I lived I always looked for healthy places to eat. I grew up in Brazil surrounded by exotic fruits and vegetables and collecting herbs for my grandmothers healing teas. I always had this deep belief that the foods we eat have an impact on our overall health, mental clarity, our skin radiance and energy levels.

Happy Customers

Karina is very professional, yet relaxed and easy going. My session combined her energy healing with breath-work, aromatherapy and essential oils to gentle de-stressing music. It was a restorative, calming, relaxing and meditative experience and afterwards I felt rejuvenated, thoroughly energized and slept wonderfully.

Richard Meghriche

I was about to make a very important decision in my life, she was there to guide me and advice me to follow my heart and listen to my intuition. That week with her, helped me find my balance and how to center my attention on myself, so that I am be able to help others.

Ivonne Escobar Castillo

Karina is the health coach you want by your side. Compassionate, knowledgeable and inspiring, she truly walks her talk. I’ve never met anyone before who is so deeply in love with sustainable health and living foods. She motivates me to swim in the ocean, hike canyons and even showed me how to cook easy, delicious and healthy meals.

Pamela Blattner

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