About Me

For most of my life I have been a seeker of my life’s purpose and in the process I have always had an intrinsic knowing that being healthy was a priority.

But it wasn’t the kind of health that conventional society promotes, I was instinctively drawn to a holistic health lifestyle, although I didn’t know at the time that that’s what it was called.

Food dictated a lot of my choices, I spent a lot of my earning buying organic foods, even the decision of whether to go to university while living in England was highly affected on my first visit to the university campus and at the first sight of the dinner hall buffet and knowing that at my first year I would only get a bedroom and no kitchen was enough for me to decide I didn’t want to put myself through that.

When I moved to Spain I loved the beauty of the landscape, the culture, the weather, the people, but the simple act of meeting friends for a drink was a boring one for me because my choices were limited, I would often just drink water or herbal teas.

I didn’t like alcohol, with the exception of a small glass of wine at special occasions. I also did not like sodas, which were the most popular drink of choice for people who weren’t drinking alcohol. I refused to drink fruit juices unless they were freshly made, having grown up drinking fresh juices in Brazil, bottled juice tasted artificial and sickly sweet and I knew instinctively they were not nutritious.

So I lived my life in Spain visiting farmers markets, alternative health food stores and coming home trying to replicate recipes from a french food blog called ‘le tartine gourmande’.

The other thing that set me on a journey with food was desserts. I lived with my sister who developed an intolerance to gluten at a time when ‘gluten-free’ options were not available so I ended up experimenting at home to create healthier desserts.

When life brought me to Santa Monica in California a whole new world opened up for me, a world full of exciting choices. I was spoiled with: almond milk latte with ayurvedic herbs, almond milk matcha latte, turmeric almond milk latte, kombucha, vegetable and fruit juices freshly made, smoothies, etc. I was in heaven.

It was here that I realized I wasn’t alone in my seeking. I enrolled at a renowned plant based culinary school by chef Matthew Kenney. I began to realize that there are no limits to the ideas one envision to be possible, the only limitations are in the human mind. Anyone who says healthy foods are boring just lack in creativity.

I also delve deep into yoga, fitness and healing. I worked closely with a personal trainer for a few years and learned the benefits of being mindfully active, specially in some outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, swimming in the ocean.

I am all for creating healthy habits, being in connection with nature, and most importantly having a practice that allows space to process emotions and stress.

Throughout these years I have learned many tools which I love to teach and share in an accessible way with all who seek to embrace a healthier lifestyle for themselves but perhaps don’t know where to start, or would like some support along the way.

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