Eating healthy is the foundation for a healthy life and our direct connection to nature.

Shopping + Meal Prep

I love nourishing people with healthy meals. My specialty is healthy vegetarian cooking. I have some awesome holistic healthy recipes full of nutrition and flavor from both my cooking over the years, and from my training at the Plant Lab culinary school. I have also been exploring Ayurveda, and Ayurvedic cooking.

My style is spontaneous and creative, I love visiting the farmers markets and getting inspired with what is fresh and seasonal and then getting creative with healthy recipes, using the highest quality ingredients and infusing the food with love vibration.

Whether you are a new and expecting mom, or someone who would love to eat healthy cooked meals but just don’t have the time, I would love to work with you.

Contact me to learn more and discuss your dietary needs.


  • Farmers markets visit.
  • Pantry make over
  • Cleanse program
  • Outdoor activity session

Who Needs Cooking Classes?

Lots of people…


Time pressed professionals with demanding schedules


Busy moms and dads


Individuals recuperating from injury or illness


People on special diets


Those looking to lose weight or improve their health


Anyone who doesn’t like – or know how – to cook


New and expecting moms


Everyone and anyone looking to come home to a home cooked meal without any of the hassle involved in shopping, prep and clean up!